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I’m a creative and strategic marketing, media, communications and partnerships professional across a range of industries, start-ups and media companies. I have business experience in Australia, the UK and India.

In addition to providing business and marketing advice, direction and solutions, I also generate leads and connect clients to my extensive professional network, creative talent pool and close-knit business acquaintances. I’ve been described as a person with integrity – a lateral, creative thinker, with an eye for detail.

I’ve demonstrated my vast experience in media (predominantly TV), emerging technologies, government departments, recruitment, real estate, infrastructure, investment management, entertainment, tourism, hospitality and education domains.

My career has been diverse and exciting. I’ve worked with a range of companies and people, including but not limited to the Seven Network, founding team member of (formerly ninemsn), the Nine Network, and Consolidated Press Investments, Sydney & UK (wholly owned subsidiaries of the late Kerry Packer’s Consolidated Press Holdings Ltd).

I’m also experienced in the not-for-profit sector having served on the Board also a non-executive Director for Northcott and consulted for a range of Australian charities including The Smith Family, The Humpty Dumpty Foundation, The Eye Surgeons’ Foundation, and the Australian Children’s Music Foundation.

Combining my professional experience and personal appreciation of art, I also profile and promote creative artists such as painters, textile designers and musicians. I genuinely love connecting with and understanding an artists’ creative experience, expression and inspiration behind their work.

On a personal note… I enjoy spending time with family and friends, swimming in the ocean at sunrise all year round, social tennis, golf and backyard cricket, the great outdoors, nature walks, photography, music, road-trips, art classes, home yoga and meditation, Italian travels, helping those in need, and living in the moment.

My LinkedIn profile can be viewed at this link.