Colon Cleansing Centre

Phone: 0412 672 465



42 Terralong Street, Kiama, 2533



Instagram: @coloncleansingcentre


Colon Cleansing Centre – Council Approved and operating in the Illawarra since 2010

At the Colon Cleansing Centre, our goal is to help our clients to start healing themselves
from a variety of digestive and health complaints through the gut and mind.

At the Colon Cleansing Centre, we believe that true beauty and total well-being comes
from a holistic approach to health, this plays a big part to clearer thinking
supporting the decisions you make in everyday life.

In modern society we often define health as ‘the absence of disease’,
yet in reality it is far more than that. We believe true health
to be a state where the mind and the body are functioning at peak efficiency