Go Behind Closed Doors

Phone: Cathryn 0419 233604 or Natasha 0408 555124

Email: cathryn.lyall@gmail.com


Website: https://gobehindcloseddoors.com/


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Go Behind Closed Doors came from a place of deep frustration at the pace and scope of cultural change at a corporate governance level across large Financial Institutions.

Leveraging their combined 50+ years of Executive Management and Board level experience in global blue chip organisations Cathryn Lyall and Natasha Osmond-Dreyer provide a range of services directly to leadership teams. We enable challenging discussions on a wide range of topics from culture, diversity, values, ethics, daily behaviours and governance to take place ‘behind closed doors’ and provide professionally curated and tangible outcomes that link directly to the bottom line.

While our experience is in large corporates our learnings and programme is relevant to any businesses tackling how to embed a good company culture to support ongoing growth and success.

Organisational culture encompasses values and behaviours that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of a business empowering people and driving business growth. You need a strong corporate culture to stay competitive!

As a team we play to our strengths. We both have a portfolio of companies we work with as consultants and part time senior advisors/Board members. No question is too small, no challenge is insurmountable. We find a fresh lens frequently unblocks stale thinking enabling management and their teams to drive their businesses forward with renewed energy and purpose.

We offer you support across both tactical and strategic issues. We have learnt through experience that an all encompassing approach brings the whole organisation on the journey. When culture makers lead companies the organisation grows twice as fast.