Jamberoo Action Park

Phone: (02) 4236 0114

Email: admin@jamberoo.net


1215 Jamberoo Road,
Jamberoo NSW 2533

Website: https://www.jamberoo.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JamberooAction

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Located just 10 minutes’ drive from the beautiful township of Kiama, NSW’s largest family owned and operated water theme park is the ultimate destination for family fun in the region!

Drop into the Darkness at Jamberoo between September and April and experience a trilogy of tube rides – all with an element of darkness, anticipation, enhanced thrills and excitement!

The Perfect Storm – drop into The Eye of the Storm
The Funnel Web – drop into The Spider’s Lair
The Taipan – drop into The Belly of the Snake

Here’s more about some of the rides and features at Jamberoo Action Park:

  • The Perfect Storm – surrounded by darkness, cracks of thunder and streaks of lightening, you will travel through 3 tornados, deep inside the tallest, longest, most exciting water ride of its kind, in the world…
  • The Funnel Web – at speeds up to 30km you’ll twist and turn before entering the spider’s lair – a giant funnel, and a great photo opportunity beside the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD Funnel Web spider sculpture.
  • The Taipan – those brave enough to enter the belly of the snake will experience a high intensity thrill as their raft twirls mysteriously down a completely tubular waterslide in and out of darkness.
  • Banjo’s Billabong – the largest aqua play structure built in the southern hemisphere with over 200 water cannons, cranks, and sprays, six water slides across 4 storeys all drenched by 2 huge buckets that tip 1800litres over the structure every few minutes
  • Outback Bay – one of the largest wave pools in NSW, this has something for everyone. Whether surf enthusiasts practising their bodysurfing, thrill seekers drifting with the 1.5 metre high waves or those looking to relax on the bay side deck chairs, Outback Bay is a hit for all.
  • Billabong Beach – at a warm 26 degrees all season long, the little ones will have smiles from ear-to-ear as they gallivant around the beach with heated shallow pools, mini water slides and fun water jets.
  • Surf Hill – a speed slide which features an 18 metre drop and wave like grooves, competitive fun seekers will revel as they race their friends in one of eight lanes of action.
  • Rapid River – An action-packed attraction, riders sit atop rubber rafts as they travel the river’s course meeting bucking rapids, cascading waterfalls and waves up to 1.5 metres high.

When all the fun gets too much Jamberoo Action Park’s many places to eat provide just the energy kick needed to keep the action going. Food stops include scrumptious seafood from Bombora Seafood, a huge variety of ice creams to choose from at Bombora Scoop and mouth-watering burgers from the Burger Barn. For those who prefer to bring their own lunch, various picnic areas and coin operated BBQ’s are available around the Park.

Guests can also take a piece of the action home from the Souvenir Shop, Surf Shack or Photobooth.

Admission into the Park covers all rides and attractions and parking is free, so fun seekers can enjoy all that Jamberoo Action Park has to offer all day long.

There is so much to see and do at Jamberoo Action Park.