Our Board

Vice President: Gavin McClure

Gavin’s is a face you would definitely recognize. Not only is he the Owner and Manager of Kiama Mini Coach Charters, but in all his spare time he also is heavily involved in the Kiama Council and is our Vice President for the Kiama and District Business Chamber. Admitting he initially did not voluntarily become involved, but was “pushed”, Gavin’s tireless effort to connect businesses throughout the community is commendable.

“I have always been in business and have enjoyed assisting and mentoring others with their business. I saw it as a good way to help out,” Gavin claims- and help out he does.

For Gavin, being a part of the Chamber offers more than just mentoring and assisting other business. On top of that, the Chamber gives him “a sense of being part of a united group and part of something bigger. Networking and training is one of the most important things that the Chamber does.”

Since 2009 Gavin has spread the good word of the Chamber. To him, the Kiama and surrounding region is fantastic and “with a bit of collaboration between business operators we can make our economy great for everyone.”

Board Member: Gregory Langford

You may already recognize Greg in his role as the Business and Banking Manager at the National Australia Bank in Kiama. After establishing himself throughout the Kiama community, he then started attending the Chamber meetings and involving himself in networking events. Not too long after that, he was a Board Member.

Greg says he joined the board to “better under what is happening in local business and also to be able to have some input into things happening in the local community to support local business.”

To him, the Kiama area has a vibrant business community that serves the local and tourist markets and the Kiama and District Business Chamber plays an important role in supporting this economy.

“We work closely with local and Regional Tourism operators as well as Private and Government representatives to achieve better outcomes for our local business community. We take the time to engage and support local business and to create opportunities to network specialist skills and share opportunities across our network.”

For Greg, his favourite thing about Kiama is the coast lifestyle it brings. On top of the great beaches, schools and local business he loves Autumn time in Kiama, a time for heading to the beach and relaxing.

Board Member: Gary McKay

Gary is a community supporter through and through. Aside from being a Board Member, he is the Director of local business GMK Consulting and also volunteers for the Surf Life Saving Club, the RSL, local Rugby Clubs and other community groups that need volunteers.

He became involved with the Chamber after he attended several activities with his wife throughout the Illawarra and was inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication from NSW Business Chamber members. After seeing that, Gary “decided that I would like to do something to try and help put Kiama in a better place from a business and commerce perspective.”

Serving the community and supporting local business is important to Gary as he feels Kiama is a town where there is a lack of industry, except for tourism, where businesses rely on the chamber and tourist groups to promote and support those that ‘take the plunge’ into owning a small business.

“They need all the help they can get to survive in today’s tough commercial world. It is all about profile as a place to enjoy our beautiful surrounds.”

The ‘beautiful surrounds’ are what Gary treasures most about the area. For him, the natural beauty is the one thing that almost every visitor comments on when they visit. For him, “it is no different from the first time I came here as a kid a long time ago.”

Aside from his passion for supporting local businesses, Gary is concerned about the future of the Kiama LGA.

Board Member: Shane Douglas

14 years ago Shane Douglas joined the Chmaber and has been contributing to its progress ever since. His role in the community extends from Business Owner and Company Director, to Treasurer of Kiama Junior Football Club and, of course, Board Member of the Kiama and District Business Chamber.

After Shane bought a small business in Kiama all those years ago he experienced first-hand the struggles of running a business and how much support from the community matters. Operating a small business, Shane admits he “wanted to meet like-minded people and share ideas and improve our community. I am proud of our area and want to give back to the region.” And that is exactly what he does through the Chamber.

For Shane, “it is important work the Chamber does, because the body is a focal point for businesses to network, share ideas and gather information, through the state business chamber, to assist them with any issues they have with operating their business.”

After many successful years as a business owner, Shane strives to spread his knowledge and advice to people in similar situations, as that is what makes Kiama special. “We have mountains, the sea and wonderful friendly community people.”

Board Member: Steve Warwick

Steve is a partner at RMB Lawyers and is heavily involved in community projects throughout the Illawarra. On top of working as a lawyer, Steve was also the Chairperson for the Roo Theatre on Shellharbour and a Community Scout Leader in Kiama. He became involved in the Chamber after he attended events on behalf of RMB Lawyers and has committed himself to the cause for both professional and personal reasons.

“My daughter Laura owns a small business in Kiama Downs and I thought it would be beneficial for me to have my finger a little more on the pulse as to what is happening with small businesses generally in the Kiama, Gerringong and Jamberoo district.”

As a partner Steve also encourages his professional staff to become actively involved in local community groups and “give back” to the community and joining the Chamber was a way to do this.

“I think it develops a sense of camaraderie amongst Local Businesses and embarks upon both marketing (promotional) and support scheme for Business Groups that may not be able to organize/support them on their own.”

To Steve, Kiama is a special community. He loves the enchanting blue and green blend of colours as the hills melt into the sea and wants to support the region’s growing markets as much as possible.